tesla model 3
What should I before I pick it up?

Before you come to pick up the Model 3 (or before I drop it to you at the airport), there are a couple of things you should do:

  • Open a Tesla Account and download the app to your smartphone
  • Let me know the email address you use for the account so I can add you to the vehicle
  • Also consider downloading Plugshare app (on Apple or Android) to find chargers, and to check in and let other EV drivers know how long you'll be at a charger
  • Download Chargefox or Evie Networks apps if you plan to use these networks
  • A Better Route Planner app (on Apple or Android) is also great if you are planning a road trip
  • You can also access the Model 3 Owner's Manual here

You can charge the Tesla Model 3 at any standard powerpoint using the Mobile Connector (otherwise known as a trickle charger), or any AC destination charger, or any Supercharger or ultra-fast charger. It has a Type 2 (AC) and CCS2 (DC) plug, and you can find stations using these plug filters on Plugshare app (on Apple or Android).

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 comes with a Mobile Connector with a 10 amp and 15 amp tail as standard, and I have also included a Type 2 cable in the frunk (front trunk) for AC destination chargers. DC fast-chargers have their own cables as they are liquid-cooled.

Please return the car at least 75% charged. If for some reason you need to return it with less than 25% charge on the battery, I would appreciate an SMS so I can arrange to charge it up upon return (in case I have a long distance trip coming up).

The Tesla Model 3 has 649 litres of cargo space in total, with 88 litres in the frunk and 561 litres in the boot.

Yes, the Telsa Model 3 can be used with child safety seats. Please ensure your child safety seats meet the AS/NZS 1754 standard. You can find more information here.

If the car breaks down please let me know by SMS, and I will organise roadside assistance or assist you with getting in touch with Tesla support as is necessary.

If there is a crash, please ensure you share your details with the other driver and get their details, and call the police as is required by law.

The Tesla Model 3 will attempt to save a video clip on the incident to the USB stick. However, sometimes there is not enough room on the USB, or an error may occur, or essential details are not captured by the car's cameras so please do not reply on this.

Evee insurance is administered through Nsure Pty Ltd t/as Nsure General Insurance Advisors | CAR 329019 | ACN 125 953 273 Corporate Authorised Representative of National Adviser Services Pty Ltd.

You can optionally choose to add on RentalCover to cover the damage liability if you have an accident.

For a full list of inclusions please contact Evee.

The Tesla Model 3 does not have a traditional car key, but before you take the car I will ensure your phone is set up as a key and I will also share my Tesla card key with you in case there is a problem with the phone's Bluetooth connection.

Please return the Tesla Model 3 to the location agreed upon. Typically this will either be in Lennox Head, or Ballina airport if you are flying out, but we can discuss other options depending on your needs.

Yes! There is an additional drop off and pickup fee of $100 (this includes both ways). Please ensure you select this option when you book the car.

Autopilot is essentially adaptive cruise control and autosteer combined. I will show you how to use it when you take the car, and you can read more about it here.

Autopilot can be used on roads with white lane markings. It does not navigate through roundabouts, traffic lights, or turn left and right onto new roads.

This car does not have Full Self-Driving, an advanced driver-assist (not fully autonomous) suite that in Australia includes features like Summon in carparks, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, Navigate on Autopilot (changing lanes on highways) or Autopark.

For more information please read the Tesla Manual here.